What’s The Difference Between A Support Group And Group Therapy?

Support Group or Group Therapy

As you consider the options available for improving your mental and emotional well-being, you’ve likely come across support groups and group therapy sessions. Sure, they both involve a small group of people, but what’s they difference? Which one would be a better option for your situation?   Support Groups Typically a support group is made…

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Overcoming Depression: Group Sessions

Depression Support Group

BEGINS THURSDAY JUNE 6, 2019 Depression often feels like a heavy burden or like being covered in a dark cloud. Millions of people experience some form of depression every year. It causes more lost days of work than physical illness or accidents combined. This group will focus on ways to lessen the impact of depression…

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I am functional. I take care of my responsibilities. I get up every day, go to work, get dressed, and I perform. This is life, right? I just don’t socialize or find the need to do anything outside of what I have to do because my daily responsibilities are draining me. I’m here and I’m…

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Autumn Blues

dealing with seasons changing

Everyone has a favorite time of year, that season you look forward to with great anticipation. However, for many people seasonal changes can be difficult, especially the transition to fall and winter.  Five percent of Americans experience seasonal affective disorder, better known as SAD.  As the days become shorter and we begin to spend more…

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A Laugh a Day….

Laughing is good for you

It’s not a laughing matter but, it IS a powerful antidote.   That’s right, laughter can improve your health. Laughter triggers healthy physical and emotional changes in your body.   That good feeling you get when you laugh will remain with you even after the laughter wains, helping you to keep a positive and optimistic…

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One is the Loneliest Number

A lonely person walking into the distance waters

The dictionary defines loneliness as:  sadness because one has no friends or company.  So in today’s society, you would think with the multitude of social media options, such as Facebook and Twitter, loneliness would be almost non-existent. But, according to CIGNA’s recent nationwide survey, the reality is quite the opposite.   People are suffering more…

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Don’t Stress It: Take a Mental Health Work Break

Old time clock that has a sticky note that says "break time"

Whether you work in or out of the home, finding time for yourself is essential.  Throughout a busy workday, it is difficult to focus on relieving stress when there are looming deadlines or pressing responsibilities.  However, finding ways to give yourself a well needed boost helps to refocus your attention on the job at hand…

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