A Laugh a Day….

It’s not a laughing matter but, it IS a powerful antidote.   That’s right, laughter can improve your health. Laughter triggers healthy physical and emotional changes in your body.   That good feeling you get when you laugh will remain with you even after the laughter wains, helping you to keep a positive and optimistic outlook even during times of distress.

The mental health benefits are:

  • Lowers anxiety and tension
    Relieves stress
    Increases joy and zest for life
    Improves mood
    Builds resilience

There is a connection between mental health and laughter. For example, you can’t be sad, angry or anxious while laughing. It increases your energy level and decreases stress, which makes it easier for you to stay focused and productive.  Laughter can change your perspective; it can allow you to see situations with a more realistic view, help you to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed, and can even diffuse a conflict.  More importantly, it brings people together, which in turn has a profound effect on all aspects of your emotional and mental health.

Humor can:

  • Increase spontaneity
    Break down defenses
    Release inhibitions and reduce fears
    Enable a release of authentic feelings

Laughter is a natural part of life. Infants begin to smile within the first weeks of life and will laugh out loud within months.  Even if laughter was not prominent in your life growing up, learning to laugh is easy to learn at any age.

Start with a smile and soon you will notice that smiling can be contagious. Remember not to take yourself too seriously. Laugh at your mistakes and foibles. We all do silly things from time to time. In place of embarrassment or defensiveness, embrace your imperfections.  Unfortunately, there will be sad times in our life. However, there will also be many times when we can choose to laugh.

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