How Our Mental Health Can Impact Our Romantic Relationships

A couple who used therapy to rekindle their romantic relationship

With more than half of adults developing a mental illness at least once in their lifetime, it is always important to remember that just as much as relationships can affect our mental health, our mental health can also put a strain on our relationships and make communication and intimacy difficult. Let’s unpack some of the…

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Taking Care of Yourself When Experiencing a Panic Attack

Panic attacks are intense waves of fear that come unexpectedly and are debilitating in the moment. The most common symptoms are a racing heart, being unable to catch your breath, shaking, sweating, and sometimes even feeling like you’re dying or “going crazy”. Though many panic attacks happen without a clear trigger, it is helpful to…

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Living and Coping with a Chronic Illness

Whether you have been recently diagnosed with a chronic illness, have been diagnosed for some time, or have a loved one with a chronic illness, you know firsthand that chronic illnesses go far beyond their physical implications- they can completely complicate one’s mental health and how they view themselves. It can be devastating to have…

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Insight on how we can better our lives and our mental health

Happy Friday Everyone! We are so excited to share some fascinating research projects that hold a lot of insight on how we can better our lives and our mental health! “Children who play adventurously have better mental health” Researchers from the University of Exeter have found that children who regularly partake in “adventurous play” have…

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Helping Your Child Adjust to the Summertime

As the first weeks of summer approach, many students are anxiously waiting for a summer full of sleepovers and summer camp, especially after a busy and hectic school year. Just as many students look toward their summer with a little apprehension, as they fear a loss of routine and a loss of activities they enjoyed-…

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Be Kind To Yourself

“Hi everyone! How are you? When our sessions begin, we usually start with a “mood check.” Although there are clinical scales and inventories that can be used to assess someone’s mood, I prefer to simply ask, “How are you?” I might follow up with something like “Tell me about your mood today.”    This morning, while…

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Alone…with Me

Things have been so up in the air and we are adjusting to so many sudden, unexpected changes in our lives lately. A lot of the focus has been on the impact the required quarantine has placed on our daily routines, schedules, and livelihoods, along with the recommendations to remain at home with our family…

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A Letter to Our Clients

Dear Clients, We are writing to inform you of steps we have taken to address the unique challenges related to the coronavirus pandemic (also termed COVID-19). While the coronavirus is a physical health illness, it has significant mental health implications. The uncertainty posed by this public health emergency can cause stress and anxiety among many…

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What’s The Difference Between A Support Group And Group Therapy?

Support Group or Group Therapy

As you consider the options available for improving your mental and emotional well-being, you’ve likely come across support groups and group therapy sessions. Sure, they both involve a small group of people, but what’s they difference? Which one would be a better option for your situation?   Support Groups Typically a support group is made…

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Overcoming Depression: Group Sessions

Depression Support Group

BEGINS THURSDAY JUNE 6, 2019 Depression often feels like a heavy burden or like being covered in a dark cloud. Millions of people experience some form of depression every year. It causes more lost days of work than physical illness or accidents combined. This group will focus on ways to lessen the impact of depression…

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I am functional. I take care of my responsibilities. I get up every day, go to work, get dressed, and I perform. This is life, right? I just don’t socialize or find the need to do anything outside of what I have to do because my daily responsibilities are draining me. I’m here and I’m…

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