The Importance of Self-Help

January is the Self-Help month!!

Many of us make resolutions and statements regarding improving ourselves in different ways. There are times where we experience different situations and we look outwardly for assistance or help; however, there are several things we can do to ensure effective self-help. Most of us wish we could improve certain things about ourselves. Lasting change is difficult. Many of our habits are deeply ingrained, and certain core personality attributes may be immutable. But even the oldest of habits and character traits can be altered, as it’s never too late to change. With effort and determination, it is possible to be the person you want to be.  Whether we want to call that process self-help, or personal development and or even self-improvement; the aims are the same.

So, how can we begin the process of helping ourselves?

There are several links to free resources like quotes, books, tips, websites, and articles. Self-help information is all aimed at boosting our self motivation and helping us to help ourselves! We must know, self-help:

  • Is not about being self-obsessed!
  • Is not about wanting to grow stronger than others!
  • It’s all about being the best YOU you can be.

Self-help, as some of you like to call it, can help effect positive personal change – it just has to be the right kind of information for you and you need to take actions accordingly. It’s how to solve a problem (e.g. debt, smoking) or it’s how to make your life better (e.g. love-life, job); it is about self-motivation and self growth.

Self-help is a journey – A pleasant, exciting and rewarding journey towards becoming the best YOU.

We’d love to help you on your journey here at Huntsville Psychotherapy & Counseling Services.  Give us a call and see how we might work together!

Monretta Vega, LPC


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